Dink Ahead Pickleball Coaching

Pickleball Lessons in Honolulu, Hawaii

Dink Ahead Pickleball Coaching in Honolulu, HI offers engaging lessons and drills for beginner players who want to improve and have more fun in rec play or be competitive in tournaments! #PICKLEBALLinHonolulu #PlayBetterHaveFun


  • Your first session is designed to explore your individual goals for improvement and for us to plan out a path to get you there as quickly as possible.
  • For players new to the game, you'll learn the basics of the sport; including the rules, proper form, and court positioning.
  • Whatever it is you're looking to achieve, we'll do our best to get there in a fun and encouraging way :)

Lessons & Drills

Private Pickleball Lessons

Private lessons are focused on improving specific skills to help you reach your full potential in Pickleball.

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Group Pickleball Coaching

Group sessions help you advance your pickleball game alongside friends & other players at your level.

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Level Up Pickleball Program

This program includes a series of 8 biweekly sessions to systematically improve 16+ shots and skills you need to level up on the court.

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  1. What can I expect from a coaching session? 

    • We'll start with dynamic stretches, joint rotations, and dinking practice to warm up (to prevent injuries and boost performance)

    • Most of our time will be focused on 2-3 skills you want to hone (including theory, instruction, and drills) 

    • We'll put those skills into active practice with modified games

  2. How should I prepare?

    • Consider any specific skill(s) or strategy you'd like to focus on
  3. What should I bring?

    • Your favorite paddle (or let me know if you'd prefer to use or try one of mine)
    • Water and/or electrolyte hydration
  4. Where are the lessons held?

    • Lessons are often held at Dole Park
    • If you have access to courts at your Honolulu condo, it may be possible to reserve those courts for the lessons
    • You may also request alternate locations closer to where you're staying and I'll recommend some options if can
  5. When are lessons available?

    • Every day 7:00-10:00am
    • Please book in advance to ensure availability of your desired day and time
  6. How much are lessons?

    • Private Lessons are $50/hr session or $80/2hr session
    • 1hr Group Lessons are $60 (ie. $30/person for 2 players, $20/person for 3 players, or $15/person for 4 players)
    • 2hr Group Lessons are $120 (ie. $60/person for 2 players, $40/person for 3 players, or $30/person for 4 players)
    • The Level Up Program is $360 for 8 - 1hr sessions
    • Venmo or cash payment is preferred, but cards are also accepted (*HI GETax 4.712% surcharge included with card payments) 
    • *Refer a player for private lessons and get your next session half-off
  1. How can I reserve a time for a coaching session?